About Us

Company Overview

UNN Surveys & Consulting is a dynamic company specialising in land development, land management, geospatial solutions and engineering consulting.We offer comprehensive solutions in a variety of sectors while recognising and adapting to our clients’ needs.

To be one of the first 100% black woman owned geospatial firms to have a presence and to provide services in Africa and the world. To be one of the first global geospatial organisations to be led by black professional women. To serve ever greater numbers of people and be profitable.
To provide unique custom made geospatial solutions, that cater for the growing needs of our customers. To provide agile solutions that talk to the growth of our clients and give them healthy turnovers. To add value in our service offering and grow beyond boundaries to become one of the leading geospatial consulting organisations.
Goals & Objectives
The goal and objective that UNN Surveys & Consulting strives towards is providing our clients with solutions that are practical, deliverable, effective and systems that are efficient.

Approach and benefits to clients of using UNN Surveys:

  • Personalised research and needs analysis conducted, in full consultation with client, to understand business needs and marketing requirements.
  • Project proposal, implementation plans and budgets are first submitted to client for input and approval prior to commencement of work.
  • Technical project planning, implementation and evaluations are provided to ensure proposed
    strategies work.
  • Consultation is conducted with long-standing and well-established industry individuals and companies, allowing us to strengthen our services.
  • Strong understanding of survey skills and expertise in relation to the market.
  • Logical solutions required /requested by our clients.
  • Better time and cost efficiencies on performed projects.
  • Reduced internal overheads.
  • Client can focus on its core business.
  • Improved growth, profitability and systems.

Values & Code of Conduct

Moral Integrity

Being honourable and following ethical principles, at all times.

Goal Oriented

Working diligently and economically to achieve the best possible results.


Acknowledgment and respect of cultural diversity.


Open and candid in discussions proficient in servicing clients.


Co-create solutions and continuous improvement in performance and standards.