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 Aerial and Lidar Services

  • 3D laser scanning and modelling
  • GIS and data processing
  • Orthophoto and satellite imagery
  • Large scale Aerial photography
  • Imagery and Lidar acquisition
  • Grounds control
  • Stockpiles and volumetric Surveys
  • Drone surveys

 Project Management and Consulting

  • Land administration and infrastructure
    stakeholder management
  • Technical planning and administration
  • Project initiation and management for construction
  • Value Management
  • Social facilitation and integration for infrastructure development projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental impact assessment and environmental scoping
  • Social Engagement Framework Development
  •  Social Engagement Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Management

  Engineering & Land Surveys

  • Cadastral and engineering surveys and consulting
  • Mine Surveys
  • Precise engineering surveys
  • Monitoring and deformation of measurements
  • Setting up of ground control networks
  • Quality and evaluation surveys
  • Servitude negotiations and registrations
  • Land acquisitions and mergers
  • Land and rights negotiations

  GIS/ Geo Spatial Offerings

  • Image interpretation of an extensive array of feature classes - all to client specifications
  • Topologically correct capture or cleaning of
    vector data
  • Scanning & vectorising of contours
  • 3D mapping services
  • DEMS, DTM’s BIM’s and Orthorectified imagery
  • Data processing
  • Spatial Data Capturing and Management
  • Spatial Data Analysis (Raster and Vector)
  • Custom Map Creation
  • Landcover Mapping and Land Use Mapping
  • Remote Sensing for various applications
  • Data and Information Management



  • Stockpiles and pit volumes
  • Mine design and planning
  • Dam monitoring

Agriculture and Forestry

  • Vegetation mapping
  • Elevation mapping
  • Vegetation health monitoring
  • Disaster management


  • Site and urban corridor identification
  • Urban corridor alignment and surveying
  • River and water feature survey
  • Vegetation species mapping and management
  • Power line design and survey
  • Utilities
  • Route selection
  • Strip selection
  • Line alignments
  • Profile surveys
  • Infrastructure design
  • Engineering and power line design

Approach and benefits to clients of using UNN Surveys:

  • Personalised research and needs analysis conducted, in full consultation with client, to understand business needs and marketing requirements
  • Project proposal, implementation plans and budgets are first submitted to client for input and approval prior to commencement of work
  • Technical project planning, implementation and evaluations are provided to ensure proposed
    strategies work
  • Consultation is conducted with long-standing and well-established industry individuals and companies, allowing us to strengthen our services
  • Strong understanding of survey skills and expertise in relation to the market
  • Logical solutions required /requested by our clients
  • Better time and cost efficiencies on performed projects
  • Reduced internal overheads
  • Client can focus on its core business
  • Improved growth, profitability and systems